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Xcell - Hydrogen Infusion Machine
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Hydrogen Infusion Machine

This “true” hydrogen machine is vastly superior to any alkaline water ionizer in the world

Deciding which water machine to buy has always been a confusing process. The confusion is understandable, because all of the alkaline water ionizer companies offer slight variations of the same product that was created more than 30 years ago. Every alkaline water ionizer is based upon simple electrolysis.


Now the choice is simple.
The Xcell is a new product designed for home use that is based upon leading-edge technology that has proven over 3 years in commercial applications to produce consistently high concentrations of molecular hydrogen across a wide spectrum of source water conditions. Alkaline water ionizers are unable to do this.

Why Choose Xcell

Hard Water : No Problem

Xcell will not form limescale on the plates which renders alkaline water ionizers ineffective at producing dissolved H2 unless they are cleaned once a week.

Soft Water : No Problem

Xcell will operate efficiently at producing therapeutic concentrations of dissolved H2 with or without the presence of alkaline elements in the source water.

Neutral pH

The PEM in the electrolysis chamber found in the second stage of the Xcell’s water cell allows the water to remain at the same pH level as the source water.


The Xcell incorporates two filters inside the unit. The first filter is a carbon filter that removes chlorine, taste, and odor which is similar to many of the alkaline water ionizers.


The Xcell ultra filter provides absolute filtration which means it will not allow any particle larger than 0.01 microns (bacteria, cysts etc) to pass through the filter into the drinking water.

Eco Friendly

The Xcell is more efficient at producing dissolved H2, which means it uses significantly less energy than standard EWI’s (less than 100 watts).

Easy to use:

The Xcell can be hooked up to a water tap in a couple of minutes.